Saturday, February 28, 2009

lunch at the park

Today is another beautiful Saturday. Kyle was with the eq this morning helping someone move and came home just in time for lunch. B said all he wanted was pizza and was jumping around in excitement so we decided why not. We picked one up on our way to the park. It is so sunny and things are starting to green up a little. A nice competitive ultimate frisbee game was going on down in the bowl of the park so we watched from the hill. Outdoors, sun shine, pizza, basket ball, hanging out together. Perfect.

We rushed home to get ready for some of Kyle's guy buddies that were coming over for a basketball game. Which you apparently have to have direct tv to get so those plans were scrapped and Kyle went to a friends to watch the game while B naps. Now I just need to decide what I am going to do...

I didn't move from my spot {laying in the sun} to take pictures. So they are mostly over exposed, but I like em'.

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kristine0324 said...

Braylon is SO adorable! Can't wait till we get the chance to see him again in person. Would love to meet Julie too! Maybe next time you head to Idaho we can get together. Take care!