Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Gmail Made Me {SO} Happy Today

I love Gmail. I have since I first switched over. Our friend Kelly wrote an {ode to Gmail} and describes some of the reasons that make me love it too. The one thing I have wanted Gmail to have is the ability to move emails out of the inbox into folders, especially because I have my work email sent to my gmail and it has taken over my inbox. Yada Yada Yada when I logged in today there was a new header and FINALLY you can create folders and store emails!
*yes, I know that you can do that in any other email provider but this is big for gmail
**so, maybe I didn't know about the labels before, but NOW they show it on the header and the groups in the left side
***kelly, where is the to do list part?


Kelly O. said...

Wait, is it different from the labels feature? I love the labels and color coding them all too! Thanks for the shout-out... I think I'm gonna go try out the to-do list feature so I can start making my lists and checking off stuff right there in my Gmail account!! I'm in love!

Terri said...

You could do that before, you just had to label it and then archive it.

Nonetheless, I also LOVE everything google does, including GMAIL.