Wednesday, February 25, 2009

family {crocs} and moos

Kyle's sister Megan is an athletic trainer for the U of I and spends way too much time traveling with the women's basketball team. We don't get to see her nearly as often as we would like {the whole family agrees!} but last weekend the team brought her close to our neck of the woods to Logan. Kyle's dad drove down from Idaho and we met up with her for the weekend.

We spent some time Saturday evening at their practice since Megan needed to be on hand and Braylon loved it. He got to be down on the floor watching drills and a lot of shooting {of course}. He got to dribble and shoot on the floor as much as he wanted too, and play around in the stands... heaven.

Sunday we went to watch the game which happened to be their think pink night, so we wore pink, and got a free pair of flaming pink crocs. The girls there actually questioned my {only} pink shirt and said they didn't think it was pink enough, trust me it is solid pink! A guy worker came up and told them that I was wearing pink and to give me the crocs. Lame girls. I have never had any before, or even tried them on, but I figure the big ones will be nice for wearing in my yard in the summer. Kyle borrowed his dads pink shirt for a few minutes to go get me a 2nd pair in the mary jane style. Good Man!

The Utah State mascot is a bull and was running around the seats, and dancing on the sidelines throughout the game. Bray loved him! He spent a large portion of the game asking, "wheres the bull mommy?" and I would point him out. There were hardly any fans there and so he walked around to everyone handing out pink ribbons. When he came to us Bray was so excited. He gave the bull a high five... and after he walked away he turned to us, so excited, and told us that he gave him a high five, a pounds, and after a pause got even more excited and said he gave him a hug! His little imagination was sure at work. After that he was sad because he really wanted to be by the bull some more. The only way to make him happy was to tell him the bull was dancing and he would watch and then want to go to him immediately following.

It was a great weekend {thank you Warren for letting us stay up in Logan!} and Megan has some cute pics that I will post when she has a chance to get home and email them to me... she is traveling again, at least this time she is in hawaii.

Yesterday after I picked B up from school we went to Smiths for a few groceries. The chicken at the butchers stand was cheapest so I rang the bell for service... it moos {loudly} and then progressively gets more persistent and angry.... followed by a few pig grunts.... I'm not sure I will be the lone person standing there with all that going on around me again... B perked up though and kept asking me where the bull was. He really wanted to see him again and was sad I couldn't produce him. Good thing he is 2 1/2 and the art of distraction still works wonders!

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