Monday, February 16, 2009

as for B

He had a great Valentines experience. Thursday was the first night he had slept all through the night that week so Friday morning he was still sound asleep when I needed to leave for work. I called my mom up and fortunately she had stayed down at one of her spa places so she was close enough to come over and stay at our house so he could sleep in as long as he needed to. They played cars and watched a movie before my mom dropped him off at daycare. Friday they had their Valentine's party. Bray handed out sports cards that his Grammy had sent him and he colored on. He had hearts and cars drawn {since you have to balance out the hearts} on his hands and he came home with a big bag of valentines and goodies from the other kids and his teachers.

Saturday Kyle took him to the 2nd half of the U of U's basketball game and they devoured a bag of kettle corn. Kyle was afraid Bray was going to eat too much and be too excited and loose it all over the people in front of them, Bray was in heaven.

Sunday I had about 10 minutes of energy and made crepes, and made sure to cut Bray's into hearts. He loved them.

I had wanted to take a really sweet picture of him for a card to send out to some family, but when I tried to he wanted nothing to do with a flower... but he wanted me to take pictures of him eating his cereal out of a sand bucket with the shovel. Of Course. We got a lot of pictures of that. Here is the little card that finally was made. Enjoy!

*I downloaded the template from a blog last year... I'm not sure who to credit*

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Bobosaurus Wranlger said...

Sand bucket and shovel? That's a new one, too funny!