Sunday, January 04, 2009

weekend words of {wisdom}

and funnies...

Bray and I were driving home from dropping Kyle off to pick up his car @ Big O' and I was trying to make contact with my mom and brother because were going to paint and decorate my moms new spa space {long set up, I know, but I am so happy with how the space looks and I will show pics when it is finished} Each time I picked up my phone to make a call Bray would call out, "No phone mommy. Put the phone down now. Okay?"
I would say Okay and put the phone down, and wait a little while thinking that he would have forgotten about it and I would say I need to call Daddy...
Immediately I would hear, "No phone, Put the phone down Now, Okay?!?!"
He has never said anything like that before, so I think he was protecting me on the road.

Kyle has meetings before church so I drive over with Bray separately. On our way home from church B was eating crackers and I asked him if I could have one.
"No, your driving."
"I can still have one, can you hand me one?"
"No, Mommy driving."
dang it, as soon as we got our of the car he offered me a bite of his cracker.

Last night B was having a hard time falling asleep. He was tired and would lay in his bed and close his eyes but he didn't want to be alone. Kyle sat with him awhile and thought that B had gone to sleep but 10 minutes later he started crying. I went in and put him back in bed. He loves smelling thing - shampoo, lotions etc. and I had just put some on so I asked him if he could smell it on my hand. He stopped crying, held my hand to his nose and breathed in deeply. He said it smelled yummy and I told him it was strawberries. I stayed with him for a little while and then left the room. A little while later he was crying again so I went back in, picked him up and put him back in bed. He held up his pointer finger and I kissed it {he had burnt it recently and always asked for it to be kissed}. He said, "No, Smell it." So I did and said, "ohh yummy, what does it smell like buddy?" "Bananas" {big grin}.

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