Monday, January 12, 2009

my body {finally} gave in

I had been so grateful that I hadn't gotten sick yet this winter, even through a couple of sick spells that Kyle and B had... but something really strong finally broke through. It is mostly a bad head cold so far, hopefully that's all it is and goes away soon. I am tempted to move the trash can I have under my desk at work to directly in front of my chair so that people will stop coming and leaning right over me to throw their nasty tissues in my trash. Honestly, Megan {my coworker and buddy} even put a trash can right in the call center area to avoid that and getting nasty food thrown in our trash cans... but they still prefer ours. I know its probably not a big deal, but it bugs me, and I swear it was the cause of my cold. grrr....

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