Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hello {2009}


This year was the first New Years Eve in a long time that we actually got out and did something. Kyle received a seriese of basketball tickets for Christmas and the first one was last night, U of U vs. Gonzaga. My mom offered to watch B for us and we were so thankful for the date night. The game was great, very intense and we were sitting in with all of the people that are very dedicated to the U's basketball team. They were so passionate about it, and very also very vocal in expressing their opinions. I think it is so funny that people can be so invested emotionally with a team like that so I got to yell and cheer and boo loudly with them.... only I had no attachment so no matter the outcome I would have had fun.
Afterwards we went to our friends house and spent the rest of the night meeting some of their friends and learning how to play texas hold-em poker. The husbands were funny because they play in tournaments occasionally and Kyle and I both had to have them write us out a little card that said what the card possibilities were. =) It was really fun though, and we were playing with starburts so when the three of us wives were out of the game we were just waited until the guys traded their chips up from the pink starburts to the higher value chocolate bars so we could start eating them. We turned on the tv to Time Square just before midnight and watched the whole countdown to 2009 and had our {goodbye 2008} {hello 2009} kisses with our respective spouses.
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