Monday, January 26, 2009

family and friends a {Great Sunday} makes

We got up extra early on a Sunday to drive up to Heber to go to a mission farewell for Taylor Woodruff and then to spend the rest of the day hanging out with his family and with my parents.
It was a beautiful with heavy snowfall all day. Taylor was an impressive speaker and delivered the perfect balance of humor and ease with teaching and his testimony. He will be an amazing missionary and I hope that he loves his time out serving and learning more about the gospel and himself.

Braylon loved having different people to play with all day long and especailly loved that Tay's mom runs a preschool at the house and has every toy that a little 2 year old could dream of playing with. I didn't bring my camera but Taylor is going to get us a picture and send updateds ones throughout his mission so that Bray won't forget him. =) Taylor is also already planning on what basketball/football skills he can teach Bray two years from now. He is going to be a huge influenace in B's athletic training; he and Kyle plan it out each time we see him.

We spent the evening with my parents just hangout out. Before we left my Dad gave us a book called the dip written by Seth Godin. When I came into work today I was emailed a link to Seth Godwin's blog from a coworker for me to look at for a project we are working on. I really like reading his stuff and can't wait to read his book now. In one post be just has this graph. Its pretty basic, but I like it. Sometimes its good to see something {simply put}. I think the dot in the top right looks like a good place to be.

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