Saturday, December 27, 2008

Snowed In in Mtn. Home

We had to leave Heber around 11 am on Christmas Day in order to be able to get up to Mtn. Home in time to see Kyle's sister during her break. The weather was not in our favor, and would have been more fitting for a snowed in weekend in Heber than traveling on the roads but we were determined not to miss seeing the family. Our highway was closed down across the Idaho boarder so we had to take the one highway that the had not closed yet and it added a few hours to our drive. The conditions were bad. We were one of only a few cars on the road, visibility was zero for stretches and we passed a plow truck stuck deep in the snow down in the median at one point. It is a good thing that Kyle is so great in those situations and handled it so well. The road really should have been closed, but at least we eventually got through and here, safely.

I have never seen more than a dusting of snow in Mtn. Home in the 6 years I have been coming up here but the snow has been coming down here all weekend as well. Enough that we made a small snowman today and Braylon is so proud of his accomplishment.

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