Thursday, December 18, 2008

Out of the Fog...

We officially have over 48 hours of non sick baby in our home!

Bray was incredibly sick from first thing Thursday through Monday night. He had no improvement over the weekend so Monday morning I took him into the pediatrician's office and was told that Bray was very sick, to quote: "he's not deathly ill but he is sure on the wrong side of the eight ball" I was told to take him straight to Primary Children's Hospital for IVs, the pediatrician was calling ahead and he told me not to stop at home, or anywhere, just get there as soon as I could. I felt horrible. What parent lets her child get to that point?!?! And I really did not feel up to the task of being in the ER with Bray, and having to deal with and watch him have IVs.

When I got to Primary's they said they actually thought that he looked good for how long he had been sick, and they didn't think he would need any IVs but he was pale and lethargic, had a high fever and a raised heart rate. They gave him ear drops to numb his ears because on top of the mass vomiting and all that went along with that, high fevers, cutting his molars, spotty throat, he had raging ear infections in both ears.

As soon as the numbing took over he was so much better. He was actually jumping on the hospital bed and would pull himself up on the wheelie stool and have me push him around the room as he pretended to be a race car driver - his words. All of the energy only lasted about 10 minutes since he had no food in his system but at least he seemed happier.

So, he doesn't mind any of his medicine which is great. No more vomiting which makes us all happy. And he is in the final stages of healing up.

On the other hand:
On the way home from the hospital I told Bray, Mommy loves you so much!
B: No, I love Daddy. {- ouch}
Me: Well, you can still love Mommy too right?
B: No, Chase {my brother} loves mommy.
Me: Does Braylon love Mommy?
B: No, Braylon loves Daddy, Chase loves Mommy.
{- I had my class Thurs, Fri and Saturday and had to teach in church on Sunday so Kyle was with Bray for most of it. Apparently I need to spend a lot of one on one time with him so he doesn't feel like I abandoned him}

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I hope you guys dont mind that I tracked you down. It looks like you guys are doing really well hope you guys have a great Christmas, love the Tubbs