Tuesday, December 23, 2008

{Christmas Spirit}

I work a block and a half south of the Gateway Mall in Salt Lake and between my office and the mall is a homeless shelter/transition home so there are always a multitude of the down and out all over the street. Last week someone from one of the other offices in my building brought over a flier asking for donations of clothes, toys and money to add to their donations to bring over to try and make Christmas better for them, esp for the children. That got me thinking more about it, at that time they had over 70 kids staying there. This week a lot of the local radio stations have been stationed on the street helping raise awareness about it and asking for donations for them, this morning they reported that they had over 120 children there last night.

Kyle and I really wanted to do a little something so today on my lunch break I walked down to the mall to Old Navy where they were advertising fleece blankets on sale for $3. When I got there they also had their children's clearance clothes an additional 50% of so I loaded a cart full of blankets, little boys and girls clothes, kids socks, and gloves. I ended up spending a little {lot} more that we had planned, but I was able to get so much for the money.

As I walked back the my office I dropped off my purchases with the volunteers on the street, got a few compliments on my {sassy} coat and received very sincere thanks from a lot of people.
As I crossed the street I was feeling pretty good. It was snowing large fluffy snowflakes, the sky was beautiful, I was warm in my coat and cute red gloves and I felt like we had really helped a lot of people and children.

As I passed a pair of guys on the sidewalk one turned his head and spat - right on my leg. He apologized, a lot. I said its okay and kept walking, as he grabbed his friends arm and said, "oh sh*! I just spit on that lady!"

It didn't really faze me, or take away from my mood - must be the {Christmas Spirit}!

They are still in need of a lot of different donations. Warm clothing for kids and adults, esp XL sizes. If anyone has things they no longer need and you have waiting to donate somewhere, I am sure they would love to take them from you. They also need blankets and towels. (I suggest Old Navy's $3 great deal!)

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Terri said...

That's so awesome Julie! You totally inspired us. We went to Old Navy this morning and bought three huge bags of boys and girls clothes and hats and mittens. It felt great!

Meg said...

Oh Julie! You were spit on?!? That totally sucks! I am glad that it didn't get you down. I guess there have been worse things that have happened at least it wasn't poo! haha!! Merry Christmas!