Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Its a Good Day

It's snowing today, our first good snow of the season. Bray and I have sat and watched the large flakes fall a few times already today.

Braylon was dancing around the kitchen this morning while I was getting him a drink and he stopped and said, "Mommy, I happy!"

I have finished the last load of laundry, the only dirty clothes and linens are the ones Kyle Bray and I are wearing today.

My kitchen is clean and all dishes are done.

I found a few new really fun sewing projects to attempt this month.

Bray is down for a nap, and I think I am going to go watch the pretty snow some more.

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Emily, Alex and Baby Boy said...

Oh I'm so jealous! It snowed in London already too, but not here. Now that Halloween is over I am READY for Christmas and snow and the whole works. I hope we have some snow before December. :)