Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Happy Halloween

*Braylon the Knight*

Kyles mom was able to come down for the weekend for a visit and it was so much fun having her with us especially for Halloween. We spent the afternoon enjoying the experience that is Park City Main Street on Halloween. They close down a large portion of Main Street to cars and every store hands out treats to everyone and then they have a puppy costume parade. There are SO many people that go and the costumes are amazing.

This year Braylon was a knight! We got to use his great outfit that Mari had made for the 4th of July Flotilla Parade in MN this summer. We added a shield and sword to complete the look and people loved it. My favorite comment of the day from one of the stores was:

Here you are Sir, now go and conquer many countries!

We came home and got ready really quickly to go to our wards Trunk or Treat. Brays two best buddies (who are brothers) were dressed as Captain Hook and a Crocodile. They loved running around the parking lot having sword fights and trading parts of their costumes.

It was a great, long, day!

My favorite doggy costume:

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Heidi the Czarina of Azerbaijan said...

I LOVE Bray's costume! And a puppy costume parade?!! That's awesome!