Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Trivia

There is a local morning show that I love called Good Things Utah. There is a panel of four women that are fun and they have great craft, recipes, home and garden segments. Twice a week they have Tuesday/Thursday Trivia where anyone can sign up and have the chance to win a prize if they are picked to answer a question about the previous days show. Before I started working I would sign up almost weekly hoping to be called one day but that never happened. Since I have been able to be home again I have started watching the show again in the mornings.

Yesterday I decided to log on to abc4 and sign up for Thursday Trivia for the first time in about 9 months. This morning while I was having breakfast for Bray I got a call from the studio asking if I knew the trivia answer, and I did!, it was Yak! Haha, they had cooked a recipe with Yak the day before. So they called again just as the show was starting and then they put me on hold, listening to the live feed of the show, for about 10 minutes.

They asked me to come to the studio and pick up my prize, a little package of demi-dos! Yeah, I had no idea either but its really fun.

The two flowers are clips that you can put onto everything, the little bows are clips too.

There are two hats, one that I may be storing away for the daughter that I am going to have some day (yes Kyle, I get to have at least one girl), the one that fits me is cute. The red gloves are my favorite, they have small ruffles and teeny tiny flowers along the cuff. The long piece is supposed to be used as a belt, scarf or a wrap around head band. Its fun to get some little feminine pieces to add to the wardrobe.

ah! I actually posted a picture of myself on here!


Kelly O. said...

I actually REALLY like it!! You look so cute in that hat!

Demi-Dos said...

I hope you don't mind me commenting...I just wanted to say congratulations on winning the gift basket! I hope you will enjoy it. I LOVE those red gloves too and just so you know, hats are addictive so if you need more we have a TON to choose from. You look super cute in that hat. Anyway, have fun with it all and let me know if you would be interested in hosting a party to get FREE merchandise. Thanks!

Dan and Marci Family said...

Julie that is awesome congrats. You look amazing in the hat by the way.