Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Projects to Finish:

Dining Room Table - Check!

Just over a year ago I decided that I really wanted to find a lower table for our house - mainly so that when Bray climbed up to the table like he does, he would have a shorter distance to fall- which he occasionally does. I wanted to find a round table that was made of real wood and not just particle board. I shopped around, and finally found a table at a consignment store that I figured I would refinish to a darker stain. I started last fall and then put it away for the winter which turned into the spring and summer but at least it is finally finished!

The first picture is of the two legs, partially sanded, and shows the finish that it was; a dark honey color. Nice for some, but not what we were looking for.

Ta Da!

Now we just need a few chairs the proper height.

I also need some good ideas for window coverings that would work well in the space. There are two large windows that I would love to have look better than the cheap blinds that came with the house, and allow more light in without showing everything off to the street. Any good ideas? I am thinking about a half curtain in the lower parts of the windows but I have never made anything like it before.


Whitney said...

That looks great!

Heidi the Czarina of Azerbaijan said...

I love the darker wood. Great choice!