Monday, October 06, 2008

More Please

As I was typing the last post I was handed this bowl with the plea, "more please?"
Kyle had left a box of Lucky Charms on the counter this morning and Bray had pulled it down so I put some in this little bowl for him.

Could you tell those were Lucky Charms? He just ate all of the marshmallows and left the rest and has been asking for more please non-stop. He just took the bowl and is heading up the stairs to get them himself so I better run!...

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Kelly O. said...

First, love the Braylon posts. Can't wait to have one of my own! Second, I'm so glad I only took SIX of your delicious cupcake thingys because all six were gone last night under the idea that if I eat them all tonight, temptation will be gone tomorrow and I can start a diet once again! Third, thanks for inviting us over yesterday it was SO good to see you guys and I'm still craving your chili (among other yummy things...). And lastly, under your inspirations blog list, I noticed two of my cousins' blogs: Life is a Banquet and Be Different, Act Normal. Do you know them? How small the blogging world is!