Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Good Little Helper

I was all set to attack the day yesterday and had along list of things to get done, I was even going to hit the gym first thing after taking Bray to daycare, but when we got out to the car I saw my purse on the passenger seat and my keys sitting in the backseat next to Bray's car seat. All the doors were locked. (my spare key ended up being in my purse)


So, that list went out the window and B and I spent the day home working around the house, and I am pretty happy with how much we got done. B was pretty attached to his jammies so I let him keep them on for most (ok, all) of the day.

He loves the vacuum and spent a long time using it after I had finished. As you can see his horsey (bunny thing), the walls, the air and his arms are all nice and clean.

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