Thursday, October 23, 2008

day of deliveries

Back story:
When I was working I had been promised a large cash bonus at the end of the summer. In April I put together a huge training event where we brought in sales reps from across the country and I put in a lot of time and late nights to make it awesome. At the end of the event my boss promised me an awesome tv if our reps meet their sales goals. I was excited, I thought I would get my cash bonus to spend on anything I want, and then I would get this cool tv that my husband would love. Well, my boss decided that I would only get the tv and denied ever saying I would get a cash bonus so I was pretty bummed since that bonus was why I stuck with my job for so long and I was going to use some of it to buy a new camera. I did get the tv, its huge, and Kyle is loving it! Sports in hd? Who wouldn't love it. =)

My sweet
sweet hubby gave me a huge surprise on my birthday when he had printed out a picture of the camera I had my eye on and placed it in a card waiting for me on the counter. I opened the card and laughed and cried and I was so excited. I finally ordered it from Costco and they are delivering it today! I have the delivery time of between 10:30 and 2!
I am waiting very, very impatiently!

***the doorbell just rang, I ran up the stairs so fast, and it was the FedEx guy... it was a fun package for Bray from Kyle's mom, and I know B will love it - Thank you Mari!***

Now if only the UPS guy will hurry on over!


Heidi the Czarina of Azerbaijan said...

What type of camera is it?

Kelly O. said...

Happy (late) Birthday!! You deserve a great gift like that!