Tuesday, October 07, 2008

b's types of yummy

Whenever Bray is eating something he really likes or if he sees something that he wants to eat, he will look directly at you and say with enthusiasm, either:


yummy in tummy

hot and yummy

and added this past weekend ...

cute and yummy

On Sunday we invited some friends over for a between conference sessions lunch. I made a few different treats, one of which was a variation of a cupcake ball that I have made a few times. I found a blog a while ago that has great dessert/candy examples and I love to try them out for myself. Bray loved these. They were the perfect size for his little hands... he snuck quite a few of them to prove it.

But I agree with Bray, I think they are both cute and yummy. Probably not so good for my tummy.


Kristen said...

YUM! Those really are so cute and they look sooo yummy.

P.S. I've never even heard Bray talk. Last time I saw him was over a year ago. That's a problem.

Heidi the Czarina of Azerbaijan said...

I can't tell you how late I was up last night looking at the blog that you found those recipes on (Bakerella)! Wow! Those are amazing! Did they taste good too? I need to try them, maybe for Brielle's birthday in January. Where did you buy the candy trays?