Tuesday, September 30, 2008

yay for SOD!

I had a post, probably about a year ago, about how I have a problem with tackling things around the house.. ie. instead of cleaning the kitchen and washing the mound of dishes that are sure to be spilling of the sink, I will go around and wash all of the window sills, cause those I can handle...

This past week instead of doing one of the many things in the house to keep a good home I decided to do some raking in the back yard. While doing that my rake caught the edge of the tarp under the mulch that covers the ground going to the back gate. I pulled and it came up so easily. It was really old, needed more mulch and weeds and grass had grown through it so I knew it needed some work, sometime. So, Why not now?

I ended up pulling up all of the tarp/mulch/weeds/grass and found myself an amazingly cheap deal on sod. When I picked my dad up from the airport yesterday in his dressy business fineness I asked him if he would go help me pick up the sod. He obliged and loaded it all for me. I know have a beautiful tall stack of fresh sod waiting for me to get home from work today to place it all and I am so excited .

(kyle said he was going to do it since he will get home before me today thinking it would be nice... but come on, the laying of the sod and seeing it all finished is the best part)

And yes, things like this really are exciting at this point in my life.

and no, this is not an actual picture of the sod at my house, just an example from Google

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