Monday, August 11, 2008

Thank you to everyone who sent anniversary and birthday wishes this past week. I have really wanted to do a post and actually have time to take some pictures but things have been so hectic.

This past week was filled with:

payroll, our 3rd anniversary, payroll,. mass laundry, kyles last regular softball game of the summer, payroll, brays 2nd birthday (which totally got pass├ęd over but we are planning on doing something in a week or so), getting treats for daycare, payroll, clean house, try not to eat anymore of the apple pie on the counter, read breaking dawn, payroll, mari arrived, payroll FINISHED, start weekend projects

This weekend Mari came into town to help us finish up a lot of projects. Kyle had originally asked her to come down for the weekend to play with Bray so we could have a little weekend get-away for our anniversary but then he decided to put her to work instead! He knows that I have been dreaming of getting the basement finished for a long time, and we were so close, so we spent the weekend working hard with the help of Mari and my dad.

We all started Friday night and worked straight through Sunday evening with small food and sleep breaks thrown in.


- added glass tile to the tile in our bathroom to finish out the walls and touched up all of the paint we now have a 100% finished bathroom

- sanded, added last coat of mud, sanded and textured the remaining walls/ceiling downstairs, primed all walls and ceiling, painted all walls and ceiling with two accent walls, put on finishing touches of face plates, ceiling light covers, vent covers, touched up paint

- finally got the last five cabinet doors installed in the kitchen- yay!

- bought four awesome hydrangea plants, planted two of them so far (part of the beautify the front yard plan)

- made over some picture frames

Everything looks amazing. Kyle and I LOVE the basement already. Friday I made appointments to have a new dishwasher delivered and installed and the carpet guy is coming to install our new floors in the basement. I am so excited and I cant wait! By Saturday we can be moving furniture down!

As soon as we get all of our work stuff from this weekend cleaned out I will take some pictures to show.

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