Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Some Fun Lately...

I was reading on the couch and Bray walked up to me holding a cassett tape, yeah, I don't know where that would have come from either, but he had it up to his eye looking through one of the little holes going, "cheese mommy, cheese". I don't tell him to say cheese when I take his picture so I am not sure where he got it, but it sure was cute.

Bray was playing with cars in his room so I was doing some sit up and push ups in there with him, he thought it was pretty funny and laid down next to me during sit ups and did his own version for a little bit. Later that night I heard "two, three, two, three, one" coming out of his room so I peaked in and he was in push up position rocking on his arms getting his work out on.

We were at Target the other day and I told him, "I sure love you". He waived me closer and said, "Kiss?" and so I got a sweet little kiss and as soon as I backed away he said, "Sure love you".

B is starting to do a lot of imiginary play. He will take out his shape blocks and plan out what everything is going to be, a house, chair, boat... and then procede to play with them in their new forms.

This morning dropping B off at daycare I asked for a kiss good bye as we were walking up to the door and he gave me a good one and then as I was opening the door he said hug? and leaned in for a good last snuggle before going in.

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Kates said...

Hi there!
My name is Katie Lewis and I'm friends with Jeff Cardon. I saw your blog through his wife Kelly's blog and just wanted to say hi and to say hi to Kyle. I knew Kyle A LONG time ago up in Fargo! I'm so happy for you two and your son is ADORABLE!!!

Katie Lewis