Friday, July 18, 2008

MN Sneak Preview

Our first family Twins game. It was a blast, Bray loved it, and Kyle got to hang out at a ball game with two of his great college buddies. I couldn't get over how weird it felt to be watching a baseball game indoors.... but it was very very fun.

This is our family picture from the trip. =) Bray had been sleeping in the car on the drive into Duluth so we had just woken him up, he was still tired and not sure where he was... when we woke up a little more he had a blast pointing out all of the birds, boats, bikes and playing in Lake Superior.
The last pic is one from our 4th of July Flotilla. It was SO much fun. The costumes are amazing, the pontune boat was trandformed into a castle with a Dragon chasing us. I will be getting more pictures up soon.
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Terri said...

LOVE the Twins picture!!!