Tuesday, June 17, 2008

THE Story & MORE

THE story

It was getting close to B's nap time so I took him in and got him all set in his crib for a nice rest. I shut his door and was on my way into the bathroom to dry my hair when I heard a very loud thud and B crying. I ran into his room and saw him laying on the floor. I picked him up and held him for a long time there on the floor trying to see if there was any obvious injury. It took a long time for him to calm down, nothing seemed broken so I thought the whole experience must have just really scared him. (this happened on a tuesday)

Throughout the rest of the day B played and seemed fine except that occasionally he would pull on his thumb and forefinger. I figured he must have jammed them in the fall but after a second of pulling on them he would go back to playing. Wednesday he was still doing the same thing, and he would nudge up to me and slide his hand under mine and have my hand rest over his little hand. I kept checking his hand out but everything seemed to feel fine, nothing was even swollen. Wed night he tripped while we were out shopping with Chase and when he caught his fall with his hands he cried out in pain and it took a long time for his crying to stop - which is not normal at all. I decided to take B into the doctor on Thurs.

Thurs morning I was giving B a bath and he slipped a little and put his hands out to catch himself on the side of the tub and screamed again. This time I dried him really quickly, dressed him and drove over to the InstaCare kids clinic because they can do x-rays.

Sure enough, he had fallen with so much pressure and in a perfect way that he had broken through both bones just above his wrist.

The 2 worst parts of the whole situation? 1- knowing I let him go two full days with broken bones and all of the pain he was in during that time, some things a one year old can't just walk off... and 2- having to hold him still so they could take the x-rays. He was terrified, and I had to hold him and force him to sit still through it.

He had a temp cast on for a little while, which he was okay with. I did a horrible job of water proofing it when I gave him a bath so we had to go back to the InstaCare to get a new one since I soaked it. We had to wait a week to get him in for his real cast. Once he had that on he had a great new tool. He could bang it on his crib to let me know he was up, he had a built in bat, weapon, and developed a new way to run. He still overly swings his right arm when he runs, something we need to get a video of before he out grows it, and we are trying to get him to out grow it.

some cute pics Kyle got of Bray when they were out playing the other day in the backyard

I love this first picture especially of my two boys. Bray is so happy to be playing with his daddy.
We have such an incredible son. He is so much fun. He still loves to sing and dance, he has some seriously sweet moves that we have no idea where he got them. He can hear an engine sound way before anyone else and will run to a window or into the middle of the yard to wave up in the sky and say, "hi airplane" or "hi helicopter" over and over and over. He shares his great joy too. When I am out working in the yard he will run over, take my hand and pull me out into the middle of the ward with him so I can wave and say "hi" with him. He hordes his bats, balls, cars, trucks and most recently his puppy and must have them everywhere he goes. He loves to put his collection in the bucket on the back of his little bike and once he knows they are secure he happily sits down and says "please" is the sweetest voice imaginable so that we will push him around for a nice ride since he can't reach the pedals yet. He also still loves his books. He will bring book after book to anyone willing to read him stories. We often find him in the morning or after naps with books in his crib that he has pulled off of his shelf to read to himself and as soon as he wakes up he is excited to hand you a book to read. And it is still a fun surprise to find him sitting in his room amidst a pile of his books flipping through the pages and reading to himself quietly. And his favs would be incomplete without the mention of: baseball, basketball, shot (taking shots into his little hoop), soccer, golf ball, "golf bat", sports, sports, ball, ball, ball.... and hats.

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cute picts. Thanks for the update on what happened. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks.

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