Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Play Date...

On Friday K called me up at work and asked if I wanted to attempt going to a movie with B that night. He won't even sit through a cartoon at home so I doubted he would sit still in a theater and who wants to spend the crazy theater prices and not really get to see what they paid for? K said he would call around and see if he could find someone to watch B.

When I got home from work K said he had arranged to have some friends from church watch B for the evening. It was the first time they have watched him for us but they have two little boys of their own, one is B's age and the other one it 3. When we got back B was still having such a great time. Saturday afternoon I was unpacking B's little backpack we had left with them and found a cd of pics they had taken that night. I love that idea, it was such a fun surprise.

They fed him dinner and they said he loved cheetos. Apparently once he got a taste of those he didn't want to eat anything else. =) The boys had a great time playing in the back yard and got plenty dirty doing it. When we got there Bray was fed, bathed, in pjs and happy as can be. It was great!

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