Thursday, June 19, 2008


My blogging has been more than pathetic for quite some time now, and I know it. The most pathetic part about it is that I still sit and check through every possible blog I can find online, thinking the whole time I should update ours, possibly answer some of the questions people have left, let people know we are all still alive... but for some reason that effort seems to be just beyond my ability. We have been doing some really great things. We have accomplished so much in our basement, started tackling the major undertaking that is our yard and taken some fun trips already this summer. We spent a weekend in Idaho with Kyle's family and my parents playing in a golf scramble which K and his brother followed up with a 2 day softball tournament. K has played in another out of state softball tournament along with his weekly softball games here in SLC and in WY with 2 different teams. Things have been very busy and time is flying by too quickly.

For me, I have had major workplace drama that has pretty much drained me to the point that I have made a goal that I want to reach there time wise and then I am done. Hopefully now that I have a better grip on life (end in sight with work) I will be able to relax more, take care of my home and garden better and lets not forget get back to working on my main goal of providing a great life for my 2 boys and becoming that domestic goddess that I am determined to become someday.

Heres to deciding to pick up my camera again as well... when I have to be all Left brained for work it seems harder for me to do, but its been too long.

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