Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our Vacation...

Okay, Okay.... First of all, if you looked at this post and wondered why I didn't share much info about the trip its really only because I spent Monday trying to catch up back at work and was too tired to post that night, and I spent all day Tuesday trying to tackle the house and yard that had gotten way out of control while we were gone but I wanted to post something about our great trip so I threw up some pictures with the intent to write about it tonight. *Yes, that is one long sentence, and that is exactly how I would have said it in person; very quickly with a lot of hand gestures I' m sure.*

I probably would have forgotten to ever get back to writing about them if it weren't for the gentle prodding from my dear friends. But alas, Here we go...

On May 3rd Bray and I joined my mom (Claudia) , mother-in-law (Mari) and sister-in-law (Megan) on a flight to the lovely Puerto Vallarta. We actually almost missed the flight and made everyones hearts race with fear about it, but we were the last to board and all was good in the world. The flight went great. Bray played with cars a lot on the trays and colored with these great clear watercolor-like markers that Mari brought for him. For our girls get away we stayed in a nice secluded condo that had this view out of the living room balcony.

Braylon took a little while to get comfortable with the pool and the beach. The first day we took him down into the pool he just clung to everyone and fussed to get out. I was suprised because he loves the bath so I thought he would think of a pool as a huge tub. After awhile he would let us float him on his tummy and he would kick his little feet all around the pool.

When we first went to the beach he refused to let his feet touch the sand. He would curl his legs up and wrap his ankles around each other so make his legs as short as possible. When I carried him out to the ocean he would say "ow, ow, ow" over and over if the water came up and lapped at his feet. He got over that fear and soon became too confidant with the water. He spent a lot of time pushing his big jeep in the sand and as deep into the ocean as we would let him. He did end up body surfing a couple of times but he had a great time.

I love this picture because you can really see his surprise and delight that would come across his face each time a big tide would come in.

Little man being a stud relaxing on the rocks after mastering his fear of the ocean for the first time.

Bray loves to rock accessories. Shoes, Hats, Sun glasses.... He wore these glasses a lot. Ladies at church, his daycare and randomly in stores like to stop me and say things basically saying how nice it is that he placates me by keeping a hat on.... little do they know... there are a lot of times I can't get a hat/jacket/shoes/glasses off of him, even for naps.

These two following pictures are of Megan para sailing straight off of the beach for a trip around the coast. It was really, really cool how they hook you up and you are just standing there looking at the beach front and then 2 seconds later you are enjoying the peace and quiet you get up there. The landing is really cool too. The boat comes close to shore and then takes back off out into see so that she floated around and the guys below give you commands on which ropes to pull so you turn and drop just right to land in a 5' x 5' area on the beach. Very, very cool. I did it a few years ago in Key West but we were wheeled out from the back of a boat.

(the white line in the water way out there is the boat that is pulling her)

On Thursday night we went out to the Condos that Kyle and I stayed at for our honeymoon and were excited to see that it was a fiesta night. They had a really nice tropical buffet dinner and a live band that we got to listen to as we ate outside watching the sunset over the ocean. I left with my mom and Bray before Meg and Mari and shortly after that dance teachers came out and Meg for to salsa with a pro and show off her skills. This picture is of Mari and Bray that night and I love it.
The following picture is from a restaurant (I can't remember the name, Meg?) where they come to your table and make guacamole to your liking. We got one that was kind of spicy.... no, it was really spicy but Bray couldn't get enough. It got to the point where Bray would be crying as he grabbed another chip and dipped it and would eat it, cry and go for more. We had the guy come back to the table and mix up a really mild blend and sat that in front of Bray. That and many many long pulls of my strawberry margarita made for a great time for Bray.

By the time we left Bray had mastered the pool. We bought on of those long noodle floating things, very technical name, at the store and cut it in half so it would be more manageable for Bray. He would hold on to it, barely, and walk all around the shallower area. He would walk around singing to himself for as long as anyone was willing to sit out there with him.

It was about a 2 mile walk down a steep hill to get to the beach and on the way back one day Mari and Meg stopped in the one little store that was close and got some ice cream to cool off. Mari thought that she would share hers with Bray... she didn't understand his love of ice cream and he took over her cone. She thinks she got one bite. He really is my son.

Mari and Meg at the beach below our condo, below.

One day my mom, Meg and I went to one of the canopy tours while Mari watched Bray for me. It was really really fun, but it was a different tour than I did before and had so much hiking and wore us all out good. There was one pass where I didn't know if I would be able to hold on to my cable anymore and I was debating letting go as I looked down over the valley (you are hooked onto you harness too, I would have just stopped along the cable I think). They wouldn't let us bring our cameras on the trip with us but it was very very cool. The area you do it is where they filmed the movie, Predator, and they are very proud of that. We shared chicken fajitas and had some delicious cool drinks afterward and were ready to go for the rest of the day.

We spent a lot of time relaxing in the pool, soaking in the sun in the lounge chairs, reading, and walking countless miles along the streets of Puerto Vallarta. We have a ton of great pictures stuck on a memory card that we used for most of the trip, but it reads card error right now and it makes me sad. I am still going to try to find someone who can fix it and at least recover the pictures... wish me luck.

We had a fantastic time! Thank you again Mari for sponsoring us and Mom and Meg for completing the fun. Kyle and Nick have STATED that they will not be left out next time so I guess we better start planning a trip for next year!


Russell & Heidi said...

Where did you go? Did you do the para-sailing too? (that didn't look like you in the picture, was it?) And what DID happen to poor Braylon's arm??

Nancy said...

I love the hair! So cute!

The Fegers said...

so where the heck did you go, and if you wanted beach and parasailing, why didn't you come here?!
the first pic looks amazing though. It's all flat here:(

Your blog makes it seem like I don't know you, sheesh! I say way too much on mine I'm sure:)