Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Long Overdue

Sweet Surprise
another example of how men think so differently

While I was in Mexico I had asked K if he would be able to spend any time working in the basement and possibly get a little bit closer to being able to finish out one room completely. I figured that when he is gone for work trips I can't really sleep until it is 3-4 am and I am dead tired so I thought he might be the same way and so working down there might help ease the pain of missing Bray and I so badly. =) Well, I happened to bring up that topic one day while K and I were chatting for a little bit via gmail chat. K acted all offended that I would want him to do anything since he has been working so hard all of the time on house projects and B and I were relaxing in Mexico he should just get to have a week off too. He then gave me a list of fun things he had planned: boys night at the movies, softball games, basketball games, golfing, laying on the couch, etc. I thought he should at least of just said, I'll see what I can do, which in my mind could mean he swept the floor one day or any other small thing but no, he had to flat out refuse to do anything. Neither one of us were very happy after that chat but I just felt like whatever, we will start again next week.
Jump to Saturday.
K and my Dad meet us at the airport and rush us all back to the house so Mari and Meg can see all of our projects really fast during their short layover. We pull into the driveway and a large white truck with Idaho plates is parked in it, my father-in-law is building a gate to block off the driveway (which is SO wonderful to have to keep B in the back yard), my brother-in-law has his tool belt on and is working electrical throughout the unfinished part of my basement and the bathroom, bedroom, and storage room are all framed in. All of that work put us at least 6 months ahead of schedule on our house. They also set up a motion sensor light on the driveway and another light on the yard side of the garage so we can see when we are grilling at night. Apparently everyone knew about the surprise but me and I was in shock. What a great, great weekend to come home to! Apparently K didn't want me asking/telling him to do anything since he was already working his butt off because he wanted it to be surprise so he just claimed to refuse to do anything and be difficult. As I was packing up Friday night I actually thought to my self, the only times he is so strangely unaccommodating is when he is trying to be sneaky... Guess I was right this time and it was great!

Mother’s Day

The boys working late into the night Saturday and all day Sunday. I had to teach sharing time so I had to leave for a couple of hours. I left B napping and hoped he didn't wake up while I was gone. When I came home K was so excited to show me the gifts he had pickup up for me from himself and B. He lead me out to the garage.... I waited in the yard as he ducked in and came back out with gift no. 1a weed whacker, gift no. 2? a hedge trimmer. He was soooo excited to present me with such thoughtful personal gifts.

Seriously. It was pretty funny, and we did need that yard equipment. I thought he must have gotten the idea from either his dad or mine when he asked them what a good mothers day gift would be. He said he didn't but he did think that they would be proud of his decision making. He later gave me some really nice perfume and some cool tote bags.

That catches things up a little and without any pics.... I have 50 things on the To Do List today and about 5 that need to happen in the next hour so I better get going. More updating and come actual pics coming soon!


Emily, Alex and Baby Boy said...

What a good man your hubby is! Well, right up to the weed whacker part... hee hee ! Sounds like you guys are having a busy and fun time of things right now. Miss you!

Russell & Heidi said...

Alright, I've been patient.......WHERE are my pictures?????? =0)