Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Poor baby...

I have been meaning to update the blog so that the sad post was not at the top anymore, but I have just been really busy lately. Excuses, excuses.

Our poor little man has slept most of the last 24 hours. He went to bed around 8 pm last night and went down without any fuss. He slept well until 4 am when we were awaken to him crying and a crib full of throw up. After I changed out the bedding and Kyle had to hold him dry heaving over the sink we cleaned him up and tucked him back into bed. He woke up whimpering around 7:15 and I changed him and got him water. He downed it and fell back asleep. I went to work and Kyle stayed home so that Bray could sleep in as long as possible. Kyle kept checking on him and woke him up around 11:30 am to feed him. He had another diaper blow out and Kyle changed him, fed him and starting driving him into daycare when Bray lost his cookies all over himself in his carseat. After 20 minutes cleaning up at a gas station he headed back home and cleaned Bray up and put him down for another nap. He slept until just after 5 pm. Another diaper blow out, short bath and some pedialite later he has kept a little food down since then. He is a little clingy and has little energy but at least he is interested in some of his toys and running around a little.

He doesn't have a fever, hasn't this whole time, so I am not really what is going on with the poor guy. Any experienced moms out there have any idea? We would appreciate any suggestions.


Dan and Marci Family said...

Sad to say but that kind of stuff just happens for no good reason. Braden has always been our little throw up kid.

Russell & Heidi said...

If it continues, you may need to take him in to a doctor. Kids that young can get seriously (dangerously) dehydrated pretty darn quick. Also see if he will eat yogurt to help stop the diarhea, and bananas for potassium levels (once he's not leggo-ing his eggo anymore!) Give him tylenol, not ibuprofen if he needs a pain med (easier on the tummy), and call the nurse at your pediatrics office to ask what signs to look for before bringing him in. Probably just a bad flu, but if he can't keep liquids in he'll have to have an IV. I'm sorry, it's so rough having a sick baby.