Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter 2008

Easter this year was full of first for us. First Easter in our own home, first time there was no egg hunt, first Easter we spent 3 hours in Primary Children’s ER, first set of x-rays for Braylon and first time we will have an unknown bill coming soon from spending a holiday “enjoying” those firsts. The morning started off nice. Bray slept in a little which meant we were able to sleep in too. Kyle and Bray shared a good breakfast of cheerios and we had a relaxing Sabbath morning. Our day changes here and it relates back to Saturday so I will start there. We spent a lot of time Saturday working on different projects around the house and one that I did was seal the grout in the bathroom again so I could apply new silicon around the tub. *We discovered it wasn’t sealed well when Kyle was working in the basement just below the tub and I was giving Bray a bath and he poured a cup of water over the side and immediately soaked Kyle below.* Somehow Bray got into the bathroom where the sealer was out because a little while later he was eating some cheerios in his highchair and he wanted to share some. *He loves to share so he will hold something that he wants you to eat out until you stop what you are doing and go eat it.* I went over and ate the cheerio out of his hand and I immediately tasted strong nasty chemicals so I grabbed bray and washed his hands and arms in the sink. Later that night Bray felt really feverish and after we put him to bed and checked on him he was still really hot and very congested.


After I snapped a few pictures of Kyle and Bray eating together I decided that I should call the poison control hotline and just ask to see what they could tell me about the danger in case he had ingested some and not just played in it. The really nice guy on the line told me that if I would have called right when it would have happened he would have told me to watch for three things overnight, two of them were fever and congestion. He then told me to chose a hospital because he would call ahead for me but I needed to get Bray in for a chest x-ray asap. The chemicals in the sealer were nasty and could get in the lungs and cause a chemical pneumonia.

The check-in process was hard because Bray was so scared. They had the ankle cuff to check blood pressure and a little finger bandage to monitor his heart rate, he hated both. His temp there was 102.5. We were given a room, waited for awhile, talked to a doctor, waited awhile, were taken for x-rays, waited a while and were finally told that his x-rays were all clear and his lungs looked beautiful. Yes! They said that unfortunately for us it did look like Bray had come down with a strong viral chest cold and that it was just really bad luck that it manifested itself right after he was exposed to the sealer so that it looked like it was directly related.

By that time we were all drained and exhausted. We came home, Kyle and Bray took naps and then we headed outside for the last sun of the day to play a little.

My parents came down and we had a really good dinner together. Dad and Bray plopped down on their pillows to watch a little baby Einstein together and dad was the only one to fall asleep so Bray left him there on the floor. We played a fun board game, ate fresh made angel food cake with strawberries and ended the day on a high note. I didn’t get more pictures like I wanted to because my batteries died while taking these pics and were charging the rest of the night. We didn’t put on an egg hunt for Bray because we were all too tired. But Bray did love opening his awesome basket from his Grammy and Grampy and the fun gifts that my parents brought over for him. Heres to hoping that next year is a completely different experience!

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Kristen said...

How scary is that! I'm glad that everything turned out ok though. Sitting in the PCMC ER is no fun, that's for sure.