Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our snow has all melted away. We have had multiple 50+ degree days this week. Bray and I have spent hours playing in the backyard. The sun is out longer. The cold virus plague that had hold over each of us in our household has passed. The tips of tulips have started popping up in the front yard and I am loving it.

We have all been really busy so I haven't taken the time to update in a long time but all is well. Work has still been good and Bray is getting really used to his daycare. We would still like to find a different place to take him but we haven't found one yet.

Kyle still enjoys his office and we really love having him work down here in the valley instead of Park City. He has been playing basketball a once or twice a week and working away in the basement trying to finish out a family room down there. He has all of the sheet rock on the ceiling up and one wall finished and is ready to get the rest up whenever his time permits it. It looks more and more like a real room and we are so excited to have it finished.

Our good friend Terri was scheduled to be induced on Friday but went into labor on Tuesday and delivered a beautiful baby boy Max. He really is. He has such good features already and a distinguished face. They come home from the hospital today and Katie and I brought dinner over and set it up there before they got home. I actually asked Katie if someone had come in and cleaned their house for them to come home to such a great clean organized home and she said no, thats just how they keep their house. I was/am in awe. Someday I hope to keep a home that anyone can come in at anytime and I won't feel like I have to apologize for the mess. It just feels good to have things all in place and clean like that...

My batteries are charging but I will be taking more pictures as soon as they are ready to go so be on the lookout for more updates...

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Terri said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful chili. It was so delicious and we're just so thankful to have such amazing and generous friends!!!

You are the best!