Friday, February 01, 2008

Dear Hubby,

An insight into your complicated wife as described by a post on that mormon mommy blog i was telling you about.

She listed her new years resolutions and one was to clean a little every day:

This is how I will do it: If my sink is overflowing with dishes, and flies are nesting and mating in them, or my laundry is overflowing so that my kids are going commando, and I feel like the windowsill that nobody sees MUST be wiped down, I am attacking that windowsill. Screw everything else. I will not be bound by conventional wisdom as to what must be cleaned first. I embrace my disorder. If I want to arrange and organize my shoes instead of cleaning out science projects in the fridge, I will do it, and I will give myself credit for it.

**BONUS: Force husband to notice what random thing I cleaned. Heh heh. Can you see it?

Hi Hon! Guess what I cleaned today? It was the underside of the dining room table! I can’t BELIEVE you didn’t notice!!! Hmmmph! So what if you can’t see the floor? There is NO DUST underneath the table at all!!!!

I clicked on the link for the disorder she wrote about just to see if it is something I have too and it brought me to an earlier post.

I got a new cleaning agent, an all purpose kind of deal that I bought from a door to door saleswoman. And while she didn’t show me a picture of her fake baby and tell me the money would allow her to buy a package of diapers, she did grin at me with a mostly toothless smile that left me with a strong need to call my dentist. I felt kind of sorry for her, and the stuff DID clean the grime off my car tire’s chrome, so I handed over a check and got a gallon of the stuff.

So of course, I have to try it out. Hmm, maybe on my screen door. She said it does windows–ahh, lovely. Well, what about the outside trim around the door? Will it clean the little spots of mildew and grime that have collected there? Ahh, even lovelier. Well now, there’s some grime I’ve missed on the bottom of the screen door. How long has THAT been there? The entire year we’ve lived here? Well we can’t have THAT, can we?

Yes, it’s true. Instead of actually shoveling through the crap that is scattered around my disastrous house, I am obsessing over some grime that nobody ever sees. Instead of doing the dishes that are stacked in my kitchen, I spent a half an hour scrubbing my front porch.

And now I’m blogging about it.

DH would like me to point out that he is mercilessly mocking me for my actions, as well as feeling vaguely hostile that I’ve left most of the mess to him with the definite hope that while I am attending the RS broadcast this evening, he will just magically take care of everything.

And yes, I am STILL blogging about it.

Avoid much?

I have concluded that I do indeed have it. Just so you know.

Love you! jb

***Reply from my good man***
I don't whether to laugh or cry when reading this, maybe a little bit of both. Too funny, too true. Love you for being this crazy. Love you more when you're crazy but take care of the dishes and floors before the underside of the table and the grime in the screen door nobody's seen in a year. Ha ha. kb

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Emily, Alex and Baby Boy said...

I can SO relate! I spent how long preparing (not even actually DOING) a bunch of pictures to frame yesterday while my feet rested on a mountain of unwashed laundry, there were dishes all over the kitchen and my room is a heinous mess. Well, I did get one picture framed though... and boy am I proud of myself! :)