Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dear Friends,

We have definitely been busy around here lately. Last Tuesday little man woke up with a roaring fever, enough so to keep his golden locks wet from root to tip, and his breathing was shallow and very fast. When he was that sick he was so cuddly and just stayed in my arms with his head tucked into my neck. That is one nice side of having a sick child, until you are laying on the couch with him and without warning you are covered in heaves of vomit. Another joy of motherhood huh Heidi?

I was able to get in to see the doctor that afternoon and it was determined that he had a nasty stomach flu. Luckily his fever broke that evening and hasn't returned. Unluckily for us he was still miserable for the rest of the week. He didn't take any naps for more than 20 minutes a day. He stayed up at night screaming inconsolably for hours. He woke up screaming at night and again stayed up for long periods of time screaming no matter what we did to try to help make him feel better. He wouldn't eat more than a few bites at a time, and eventually stopped drinking as much. He was aggressive towards me and got into the habit of hitting. Tantrums where he would roll around on the ground were had. Toys were thrown and ignored, books shoved aside, cartoons? not having any of it. It was a rough go there for this past week.

By Monday of this week things were still not better. Bray was tired, Kyle was tired, and goodness knows I had had my fill. I called into the doctor again to see of they could suggest anything and they asked me to being him back in. Turns out he had a horrible viral ear infection on top of teething 6 teeth (2 molars and his eye teeth) but good news, it looked like it was on the mend. His ears had looked perfect at the Tuesday appointment but must have flared up right after.

This picture was from day 1 of the sickness when he was all lovey. His poor eye was so bloodshot.

As of yesterday it seems like we have our little boy back! He is still teething, but they have at least broken though and that has relieved a lot of the pain (or so it seems). He is eating again! and he has been so happy and actually playing again which is so nice. He is also very generous with his hugs and kisses again and completely heals my heart when he comes running up with his fishy kiss lips waiting for you to respond accordingly. Things are back to normal.

Which brings me to the next topic and huge change in our home, but I will do that on a separate post since this is getting long, and it is late, and I am still recovering from having a sick, non-sleeping 18 month old for a week.

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