Monday, January 21, 2008

Sometimes it's REALLY nice living next to a car lot!

I spent a good deal of time today shoveling thick heavy snow from our front walk, sidewalk in front of our house, sidewalk in front of our neighbors house, up to his door and steps, his back porch and steps and the long sidewalk back to and around his garage so that he can get to his car safely. I almost died of heat stroke in the freezing weather! I am not a pretty shoveler... somehow I think it looks much neater when Kyle (or anyone else) does it, but at least the job got done. I decided to abandon the shovel before I could do the sidewalk up to our gate and around the back of our house.

Well, tonight I heard a loud rumbling noise and peeked out the blinds to investigate. The car lot next door had their plow guy use his cool machine to come clear the rest of my sidewalk and the walkways up to the house and gate. Yes! They have done it once before a couple of weeks ago and I was so happy then too. Maybe I should have held off the rest of my shoveling... but I guess since I had to cancel my gym appointment today because of horrible roads I got a good cardio workout with the snow.

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