Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A little photoshop

The first picture is the original shot from my Saturday session... My cousin Lacey has been so awesome to email with me all about photography and how to master techniques. She also took this image and played with it for a minute or two in photoshop and what a cool difference it makes. I have been doing a lot of self teaching via internet searches with ps and I hope to be a master of that some day soon too.

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The McKays said...

This picture looked almost perfect right out of the camera, but I thought I could really make it pop with just a few plays in photoshop. I did it really fast, just to show Julie the possibilities, so it's not perfect. I can tell I burned the corners a little too much. But if anyone is interested in the steps I used here they are...

1) Opened the pic in Photoshop.

2) Color popped the rocks...
a. changed the mode to lab color (image - mode - lab color)
b. duplicated the layer
c. selected "multiply" from the layers palette menu
d. added a vector mask; filled the mask with black paint
e. used the paint brush with white paint to bring back her face
f. dropped the opacity on that layer
g. flattened all layers
h.returned the image to RGB mode

3) Adjusted the color balance. I think I reduced the magenta slightly and I might have brought more yellow in. I tend to put too much yellow in my pics though...

4) Ran an Unsharp mask (file - sharpen - unsharp mask) (amount 40, radius 1.8, threshold 1)

5) Used the burn tool to burn the edges (I almost always have my burn tool size set around 900 and soften the edges a bit)

That's it!