Monday, January 14, 2008

First, I'm doing this, and then I am going here!

Holy cow!

When we went to Idaho for Christmas I got so amped to start this new program! Kyle’s sister Megan had decided to try it out around Thanksgiving and she was having great success and she looked amazing. Kyle’s mom, Mari, and I decided that we needed to try it out too.

Well, I got a call the other day from Mari and she had a great proposal. She gave the info to Ann, a great family friend, and so now there were four of us working on this change. Since we all really wanted to stay dedicated to our weight loss goals she said we should all have a great way to reward ourselves to keep us motivated. Well, she came up with a great way.

What makes you more motivated to lose weight and get in shape than spending a week on the tropical beaches of Mexico??? Can’t think of anything? Neither can I. We have a week booked in Puerto Vallarta (yes, this is the same city where Kyle and I spent our honeymoon, and yes, it is absolutely beautiful) in May!


So, I have decided to share this with all of you so that I have another way to be held accountable. Wish me luck!

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