Friday, January 11, 2008

Cheap Entertainment

We spent a lot of time working in the basement last weekend trying to get all of the prep work and framing done so we can start hanging drywall . We were both getting a lot done when Bray woke up from his nap, and since we didn't want to lose momentum we set up the pack-n-play and hoped that Bray would be entertained by watching us and with the toys we put in with him. Well, he wasn't. He loves the basement since he hardly ever gets to be down there and he wanted to be free down there! He fussed for a little while and tried to get out by stepping up on anything and everything he could to get leverage. He gave up on that one and decided to try a new form of entertainment.

It worked, a least for me and Kyle, and since we were laughing so hard Bray thought it was funny and kept doing it! I ran upstairs to get the camera to try and capture the ------ (I don't know, I can't find the right word to describe it) and I found the only problem I had was that it was too hard to hold steady to actually take the pictures because I was laughing so hard.

For your viewing pleasure:

Stage one...

New Discovery
Stage two...

Stage three...

and my personal favorite!
Stage four!

He loved doing this! He kept laying down and smashed his face in different ways and pressing his tongue out against it too. He would roll over and laugh, and then do it again.

My parent's took a picture like this of me when I was a baby and locked in a tent. I have always thought it was funny and so I think its fun to have a similar one of Bray.

Ahh... in case you were wondering, we don't quite have everything ready to hang drywall yet, but we are a whole lot closer. Hopefully even closer after this weekend... hint hint hubby.

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