Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lighting Study Shoot

This morning was the last session of my photography class that I have been taking from Nicole Hill. We had seven different locations set up and were put in groups to rotate through them. I was really nervous when she said we were supposed to shoot individually within the group and that we had to direct the models. I guess I don't really know what I was expecting, probably that they would just pick a pose and stay in it as we all walked around them snapping away. =) Well, the first girls we had were great and helped me get over the stress that had been building when I heard how it was going to go. This set up really turned out to be the best way to finally kind of figure out how to shoot manually. I will still need a lot of practice but hopefully I will have plenty of people volunteering to let me practice on them.
(*hint, hint anyone, everyone*)

These a some of my favorites from today. Most of them have little to no post processing but I did have fun playing around in photoshop with a couple.

This link is to the web album that I uploaded a lot more to: feel free to check it out


Russell & Heidi said...

Oh my goodness! Julie, those are incredible!! I wish I could take that class too. Honestly you're pictures are great, do you plan on taking any more classes? What type of camera do you use? We sure do miss you guys!

The McKays said...

You did a great job! Are you looking for any CC on these? I'd be happy to share my opinions and advice. It's really the best way to find out where your strengths and weaknesses are, so you know what to focus on next time. Also, I would suggest picking one thing to work on each week, such as exposure, focus, compositions, color, etc. Really work on perfecting that specific task and try not to worry about everything else. Let me know if you want some CC and I'll email you with it.

Terri said...

YAY Julie! These are so awesome!!! :)

Jessica said...

Hey Julie, its Jessica Hadfield (met at the Buzz game and then again at Terri's shower).

I stop by your blog every so often and I just had to say that these pictures are fantastic!

The Fegers said...

I'm jealous. what a cool experience and a great Christmas present you got. Good job, it must have been fun!