Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Wish Lists *updated*

wow, Target seems to have some really great curtain/shade options these days
might look good on the window above the kitchen sink

finally, some curtains that look like they would go really well in the living room

Cutest Prep bowls I have ever seen

We keep meaning to get out wish lists out to family but keep putting it off. I finally got mine and Bray's made. I will try to get Kyle to get one made tonight!

Update: I just heard that Bray's size is covered, oops. It is 18-24 months. Sorry! Also, I tried looking for the Willow Tree ornaments all day today. I found a couple at Deseret Book but not the ones I was looking for. Does anyone know where else they might sell them? I looked on Hallmarks website and it doesn't look like the have any. I would really like to find one soon! Please let me know! Thanks! Also, this has become a place where I can put images of things that I like so I can remember them, I am not expecting to get all of this!


Moe said...

Hallmark sells a ton of the Willow Tree figurines, including ornaments. They just may not have the pics on their website!

Terri said...

Hey J,
Bummer I missed your call last night - next time for sure. They have a bunch of Willow Tree ornaments at the Xmas store on Main Street in Park City across from Kyle's office.

Craig and Jen said...

I have seen Willow Tree ornaments at Herberger's...do you have that store there? Also called Yonkers I think??