Friday, December 07, 2007

When the doorbell rings

you never know who it is going to be; especially at midnight. Kyle had just fallen into a good deep sleep, and I was up finishing up a cheesy Christmas movie when someone was at our door. I got up and looked through the glass in the door but didn't see anyone so I thought maybe someone had left a holiday treat, it seemed a little late, but maybe they just really didn't want to get caught. I opened the door and was surprised to see a man standing before me.

He apologized for bothering me, and called me mam', but he wanted to know if I had a couple of blankets that he could have. It was so cold out, and raining, and there is a major snowstorm that is supposed to last the whole weekend here. I was about to turn and go looking for any blankets that we could give away and he shocked me again. He offered to let me slap him right there on my porch. I wanted to cry, and told him that I was not going to slap him. Kyle had been woken up and he came out and opened the door again to give the man the blankets I had found and asked him if he had anything to eat; he said no. We scrambled and found a little bit to give him and he said thank you and left.

I couldn't sleep for hours afterwards. I wish that I would have said more to him. I wish that I would have told him to never feel like he had to offer that slap up ever again. I can't imagine what sick person would get a thrill out of doing that. I felt so blessed to be there in my warm house, with thick soft blankets sitting on my nice couch, knowing that my husband was sleeping soundly in a bed we love that couldn't be softer and my son was tucked nicely in his own room in his good bed with his favorite silky blanket. And my heart hurt for everyone out there who I try to avoid in the grocery store parking lot as they follow you to the car asking for money, and the people standing next to the car door at intersections with their scratched out signs asking for help.

I try to give the dollar that I happen to have in my purse when I can (I don't usually carry cash) or offer food that I just bought, or buy a pizza at the pizza store when I am going in anyway. Or give out a couple of old blankets when someone comes to the door, late at night, in the freezing rain asking for warmth.

I prayed for him, for his companion, for all of those who are in a point in their life where they need to ask for assistance, for food, or warmth. I hope that I can do more, that we can all do more, and remember that they are people, human and worthy of help.


The McKays said...

Wow. You are brave. I'd be way to scared to go to the door that late at night! There are just too many weirdos out there. You're really lucky it wasn't someone looking to cause trouble!

Kristen said...

That post made me cry. For real.