Thursday, December 27, 2007

a Very Merry Christmas

What an amazing holiday!

We were going to be spending Christmas in Idaho this year on the rotation, =), and we were planning on spending more time with my family after Christmas but then we found out that Justin was going to be flying out before we would be getting back to UT on the 26th. We pushed back heading up to ID for a couple of days and we able to spend Thursday afternoon, Friday and Saturday morning with him. We spent the better part of Friday in Ogden giving the boys their Christmas present. Everyone in Utah NEEDS to check out the Salomon Center! They have everything from bowling, movie theaters, arcades, pizza factory, costa vida, a huge rock climbing wall, an indoor skydiving simulator and....

the flow rider

. We made a reservation for the boys to have an hour on the flow rider where you do indoor surfing. It was so fun to watch them for the hour and even though their success on getting long rides was amazing, the falls were the best! Because of the way the water flows, when the board would slip out from under them they seemed to always get airborne and as soon as they would crash the water would jet them up the wave and over the top.

How to get on the board

Here come the crashes!

Their backs were SO red and covered in lines and scraches.... but they said it was worth it!

When they were finished we went upstairs and watched a group of people in the freefall simulator and that was really cool too. I don't think that one is worth the money since it is $49 for 2 minutes but since the free fall is the most exillerating part of skydiving, and some people would never actually jump out of a plane, I can see why someone might want to do it. I would rather take the money and use it towards another actual sky diving trip.

That evening we all stayed up at my parents house and were up late making chex mix and Litchfield goo, and of course, playing rounds of hand and foot.

We came back home Saturday and got packed to head up to Idaho.

We had such a great time there with family! Saturday night we relaxed and just hung out with everyone. Sunday morning we went to church and then after a nice lunch we took our turn getting wonderful hour and a half massages and that was a great addition as a gift this time of year.

This is starting to get really long so I will just do a quick list of highlights:
*Getting a split lip from a plastic baseball bat by way of Bray's hands
*shopping on Christmas Eve at the outlet mall and being just about the only people out
*Christmas Eve service at the Lutheran church
*Pastor Scott's visit following the service and his hilarious hymnal game using the words"between the sheets"
*Eating dinner Christmas Eve at 11 pm
*staying up until 2 am playing MadGab
*Christmas Morning, beautiful tree, wrapped packages and stuffed stockings
*Braylon's excitement with his bath paints, and then his new bike... and the fact that he would only open anything else while sitting on the bike
*Amazing gifts and generosity from family
*Spending the whole day in PJs
*Seeing Jim holding Bray on his lap watching Elmo while we were packing up the car

We had to get back home so that Kyle could get some good sleep tonight and be ready to go to work today. The road was clear and the weather was good so we made it home in good time. We were unloading the car and when we came in we got another great gift. The whole house was tidied up and there was a bow on the dishwasher! -It hasn't been working for a over a month now- Could it be?!?!?! Yes! They got it to work!!! My mom and Chase spent some time at the house and managed to make it run again! Now, thats something amazing to do for a woman! Apparently there is still something wrong with it because the water pressure isn't enough to get the top rack really clean, but hopefully that will be fixed when we have the plumber come.... but I digress.... I have a working dishwasher!

We loaded back into the car and headed up to Heber again. We had a great dinner and a few more gifts and watched a movie together.

It has been a wonderful week! Thanks to everyone for all that you have done for and with us!
I will post more pictures when I get them downloaded.

We hope that you all had a great Holiday as well!
Now onto our next project... we were given a lot of great gift cards to Home Depot to help us finish our basement so expect more news on that soon!

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