Thursday, December 27, 2007


How could I not mention it before?!?!?!

We opened gifts to each other when we got home last night and as usual Kyle over gifted me. He was super cute with a ton of fun dvds that he bought all because he was searching for one movie in particular for me and couldn't find it until the third store, but ended up getting a couple at each store he went to. Then I opened a card with a picture of a very cute apron in it that should be delivered any minute now, one that he says I will look really hot in.... I think he wants me to cook more... either way, I think it will work. =)

Now, for the last gift... my amazing husband who says that this proves that he does listen to me sometimes, gifted a spot in some photography classes! I came across this blog a while back. This lady is amazing. Awesome photography, teaches cooking classes, has cool style and now I get to take some classes from her! I start January 9th and go for 4 weeks. He also gifts me with his watching Braylon for the hours that I will be gone learning and playing with my camera becoming a talented and beloved photographer!


The Fegers: said...

that IS a really thoughtful gift. wow. now I'm jealous - guilt free babysitting for the class too! What a great idea. I wish Steven read blogs like I do:)

The McKays said...

Yep, I'm very jealous too! I think I'll beg for some photography classes for my next birthday...but that's a whole year away! I can't wait that long!

Terri said...

YAY J! Very, very cool!!! :) Can't wait to see your work! Our January will be spent in baby classes! :)

nicole hill said...

I thought this was so sweet of your husband. And I was, of course, totally flattered. I'm excited to meet you next week!