Thursday, December 13, 2007

a little late, but growing great!

(sorry, I couldn't help the rhyme)

This big guy had his 15 month check up at the end of November.

Things went really well. The doctor is no longer worried about the size of Braylon's head and has now agreed that his large head size is just the result of such an incredible brain. =) His weight came up and he is at 52% weighing 24 lbs and 14 ounces. His height is also measuring a lot higher, 32 inches which is 72%. As I mentioned his head is still measuring in at 99%. Such a smart boy! He got more shots and I guess I am really lucky because I have heard such sad stories from other moms about how horrible the shots are for their kids. Bray looks surprised and then crys once for a split second at the last shot but stops as soon as I pick him up. He snuggles a little and then is ready to get dressed and go. I am more a baby about getting shots than Braylon is! He is a very strong little guy too. He has been climbing all over everything and running everywhere. He loves to blow kisses now (only he leave his hand placed against his mouth the whole time, but he makes the noise) and he has learned how to flex. Yes, my 16 month old flexes; core tightened and grunt included. I am going to try to get a little video of it soon because it is hilarious.

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