Tuesday, December 11, 2007

If you've been wondering about the lack of pictures...

this is what I get when I pull out the camera!

(we finally finished the shelves in our niche in the living room! you can see them partially in the above picture! yay!)

Braylon loves the camera, he loves it so much that he runs for it immediately! Even if I sneak the camera out and try to get a shot before he realizes it, he hears the auto focus beep and turns and runs for it! He loves to get his eyes pressed against the lens and really thinks its funny if he gets his nose smashed against it. So, I will keep trying, but I get rammed into with the camera up to my eye, and as you can see in the last picture, slammed by whatever Bray was holding when he got excited about the camera (at least this is just a soft snowman =) )


The McKays said...

Wow. I have exactly the opposite problem! I can't get Abbey to give the camera so much as a glance! I would give anything to have that kind of attention from her! Want to switch kids for a day?

John said...

I guess your "Braylon in the way all the time" excuse for no new pictures is better than my "I've lost my camera in my own house" excuse. Advantage, Borchert Family.