Monday, December 31, 2007

Bring on 2008! *update*

Traditionally we tend to spend New Year’s Eve at home, relaxing, maybe staying up to watch the ball drop, get a kiss and say the obligatory “Happy New Year!!!” This year we were invited to a friends house to celebrate. I accidentally fell asleep around 5:30 and once I woke up I was content to stay in my pjs and go back to sleep early but Kyle convinced me to go shower and wake up and get ready to go have some fun.

I mumbled, and grumbled and spent way to long in the shower, just to get warm you know, and eventually got ready to go. I am so glad I did. We had such a great night. The house was awesome. Terri made me a fantastic mock-tail with some concoction including blood orange Italian soda. She also brought juice boxes and fruit rolls just for Bray.

We really had a great time hanging out with everyone and ended up staying much longer than we planned. Bray did great, but was ready for bed around 10:45. Late night for our little one.

We ended up staying up until 12, watching the ball drop and having a nice little kiss. It was a great night and a great way to finish out 2007.

I now know how I want to start off every new year. On the 1st Terri and Tristan hosted a New Years Day brunch for a lot of friends. They posted a couple of pictures here. Everyone brought something delicious to add and there was a make your own waffle bar with amazing toppings. There were so many things that I will have to collect recipes for and make sure to make often because they were so good. The company was great, and getting together like that on a day off was wonderful. Terri is pregnant and they are setting up the baby's room and Braylon loved breaking in all of the toys. Esp this cool wooden bike without peddles that is supposed to teach little kids balance first so they can ride a bike easier (I think). Bray also loved their fish and Tristan spent a lot of time with Bray letting him explore the fish bowl. Thank you again T and T!

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