Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Holiday Heartbreak

Speaking of Hallmark…. I LOVE Hallmark holiday movies and I always look forward to all of the great shows they have in the month of December. While watching a couple of movies in ID there were previews for all of the great shows to come and I was so very excited (hopefully some of you can relate). Well, we got home Sunday evening and my sweet husband who humors me asked if it was time for a movie I told him about and turned the tv on to check. Thus began my breaking heart. The screen was black on channel 69. That wasn’t right. There is supposed to be some heart warming something on there! What was going on? I called Comcast and while I was on hold they played a message indicating they have been getting a lot of call about “Where on EARTH has my HALLMARK channel gone?!?!?!?!"

They took it away. The cable company decided it was a perfect opportunity to make more money, right at the holiday season…. in order to get this one channel again you have to upgrade your service to one that will cost $50 more a month! I think that it is just cruel, plain cruel.


Dan and Marci Family said...

You are so cute julie I love looking at your blog. You need to teach me a few things hope you and your family are doing great, we need to get together soon!!! Call me we need to see each others new houses.

Dan and Marci Family said...

Oh I forgot send Kyle our best. I hope he get's better soon.