Friday, November 16, 2007


Just thought I would give a quick update. Kyle is healing really well. He is very, very sore and is in a lot of pain each time he sneezes or coughs or laughs but other than that he feels good. It is hard to tell that he could be in pain sometimes since the only reminders of the surgery are three tiny bandages across his stomach. (he won't let me take any pictures of them but at least I got away with snapping a picture of him pretending to look off into the distance)
Before he went in I really wanted to write on him.. you know, fun notes for the doctor to find in surgery... this side, no! not over here! this is not a vasectomy... but Kyle didn't think they would find is humorous so no go there. To my amusement when Kyle was getting dressed afterwards he notices a nice permanent marker note, YES, on left hip.
See!!! They would have totally appreciated the forethought on our part!
(don't hold your breath for a picture of that one either, its not going to happen)


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Lotz Family said...

Glad he's healing well and doing lots of resting.

Brandi said...

Hey I have been thinking about you guys... I hope all is well. I am glad the hard part is done at least :)