Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Big Day...

Tomorrow is a big day for our household. Kyle has to report to the hospital at 6 am to get checked in for his hernia surgery. We didn't know until this afternoon what time he would be going in and although 6 am is early it gets him in and done right away so we are excited for that. Kyle is really looking forward getting this process started and is looking forward to finally being on the mend.

I get to go in to meet with a new doctor tomorrow as well. I went in last week and had my blood tested at my obgyn and found out that there really is a reason why I have been feeling as tired as I have ever since Bray was born and why it has been nearly impossible for me to lose any weight! It has been so frustrating because it seems like no matter how hard I work, and how much I watch my diet the scale doesn't budge. Well, turns out I have a completely non-functioning thyroid and because of that my triglyceride levels are through the roof and all sorts of other no fun problems. So, I go in tomorrow to meet with a doctor I was referred to so that I can start getting healthy again too.

See what I mean about a big day?... but thats whats up... Sorry there haven't been any pictured lately. I have had a sinus cold kicking my butt this last week so I haven't been taking any. Bray is great as always.

Think good thought for Kyle's surgery and recovery! Thank you!


John said...

Man, no kidding you've got a big day. Good luck to both of you today. Katie and I will be thinking about you guys.

Terri said...

Hope everything went well with Kyle's surgery. We are thinking of you. Let us know if you need anything at all.

Also, crazy about your thyroid! But, what a relief that you figured out what it was!!!!