Friday, October 26, 2007


Braylon seems to be fine and his bruises are fading, slowly. It does show me that he will bruise green and yellow like I do since he got my skin tone- which I have always thought looks a little alien-ish so that will be fun. =)

He does run full speed ahead all day long and has been up to some new tricks lately. The other day I caught him in the living room sitting in his highchair. . That probably wouldn't seem so weird except that 30 seconds before the discovery he had been playing around my feet in the kitchen. He was sitting perfectly in the seat, with the tray all the way pulled back securing him in. I had no idea how he did it, but then he did it again two nights ago while Kyle and I were watching... this time it was set on an even higher level and he had to climb up on the couch as a starting point.

He also LOVES to put his sunglasses on. On top of his head, or covering his eyes, he so proud of himself as he struts around. Some goes with any if Kyle's hats. It is very, very cute.

Updates on Kyle: After meeting with the doctor on Monday he went into the ER down here in SLC to get some tests run to make sure it was safe to wait until next week for the surgery. After 5+ hours there, it may have been closer to 6+ hours they cleared him to go home after doping him up so Bray and I made a quick trip over to get him. He will meet with the surgeon on Monday to set a surgery appointment but until then he just has to be very careful and avoid picking up anything heavier than 10 lbs.


Lotz Family said...

Avoid picking up anything over 10lbs? AKA Bray? What a pain! Keep us posted on the surgery date and everything!!!

Emily, Alex and Baby Boy said...

Poor Kyle! I had a hernia repair operation when I was in kindergarten. The worst part was them putting the gas mask on and having to breathe in that stuff... so I'm sure Kyle will breeze right through it! And if Bray has to have it fixed later on he'll have his daddy to relate to. It stinks he can't lift Bray... I'm not able to lift Arin for a few days and it is not fun. :/ Wishing you guys the best and a speedy recovery... hugs!