Tuesday, October 16, 2007

the Good and Bad of growing up

I don’t think I am ready for a child that wants to test boundaries and defy me but I guess it’ is time to admit that my baby is officially a toddler. Today marked the first time I have had to give my little boy a time out. Other new mom’s know what a big day this is. I am really glad for the 5 minutes I have caught on that Nanny 911 show about handling the situation and for experiences shared by friends who have gone before.

Those who only know Bray as the happy, smiling, dancing, laughing bundle of love that he is may think why would he ever need a time out or that a time-out is harsh… but don’t worry, it was only for a minute, and I doubt a full 60 seconds at that, but it worked, and he calmed down and snuggled on my shoulder for a minute afterwards.

One great new thing is that Bray gives kisses! He has always turned away or fought you off if you tried to give him a kiss but now I can ask for a kiss and he turns to me and leans in for a kiss! It is so cute! He still turns away and laughs afterwards sometimes but then he turns back for another kiss. Oh, the small joys!


The McKays said...

WOW! These two are totally on the same page! (Abbey and Braylon). I guess I shouldn't be surprised though, given that they were born on exactly the same day!

Abbey has also recently started giving us and her baby dolls kisses. They are the sweetest kisses I've ever received! I've been meaning to blog about it, but just haven't bothered getting any pics or videos of it because I don't want to spoil the moment!

And just yesterday, I was wishing we had a time out chair. She's been throwing thing at us lately, like legos and the remote control. I didn't want to put her in her cute, pink chair for her time out because I want her to like that chair. I need to get a little wooden one like Kate's and put it over in a corner somewhere.

Kyle, Julie and Braylon said...

I put him in his crib for the time out since I couldn't and didn't take the time to find another place for it. But like your pink chair Lacey, I didn't want his crib to be a time out spot so I was wishing I had a designated chair too. I guess its time to go get one. =)

Lotz Family said...

Go get one, ladies! They are 12 bucks at Roberts, and that's even before you use the 40% off coupon. Although, I will admit... Kate likes to play in her time out chair when she's not actually in time out. But, the older she gets, the better time out will work I think! Bray is a cutie!

Terri said...

If Bray is a toddler now, I guess that means it is time for another baby! ;)